Design & Delivery

The shortest path from idea to finished product.

The shortest path from idea to finished product.

We are happy to receive print-ready files, or we can produce a drawing/design from your ideas, logos or sketches, etc. We only begin production when you are fully satisfied and we receive your final approval on the submitted artwork from us.

File formats.
The most important aspects are the file resolution (number of pixels) and the colour separation. Files with high resolution and a sharp colour separation give by far the best end results. We are able to use most image files but recommend conversion to Hi-res PDF format; EPS files are preferred. If in doubt, just ask!

Offers and pricing.
Prices will be given in writing. Any Non-recurring costs; such as artwork, film prints, special tooling costs, etc. will always be listed separately in our offer.

Delivery times.
Normal delivery lead-time is 2–4 weeks from the approved desktop design.

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